Located on a corner block in a new subdivision surrounded by vacant land in Kings Meadows, this residence was a blank canvas. The design for the residence sort to maximise the site opportunities, produce a house which would suite the client yet be the perfect future home for the next owner to come. The corner block gave get exposure for solar orientation and allowed for maximum privacy from neighbours.

The house provides complete privacy from the streetscape. It is a contemporary addition to the surrounding growing urban sprawl. Behind the solid stacked brick blade walls is a gathering space for escape, relaxation in the sun and also a place to enjoy time with family and friends in privacy. This space being an internal courtyard is the hub of the house which the house revolves around.

To achieve its conceptual goals the house is arranged into 3 wings linked by the circulation core wrapping the courtyard. The eastern wing accommodates the core living area of the house. The southern wing accommodates the family room and children’s bedrooms and the western wing accommodates the parents retreat. The core living area of the house provides the focal point, a place to gather, entertaining, relax and enjoy the seasons of the year. All Wings break out and connect into the internal courtyard for flexibility of spaces.

The outcome for this house transcribes a simple yet neutral pallet within and without. The orientation maximising the bespoke glazing systems, focusing the attention upon the specific entertaining elements of the house to the landscaped continuum, providing opportunity for repose.


Address: 41 Lakeside Drive, Kings Meadows

Architect: HONED Architecture + Design

Builder: G&T Developments

Interiors Styled By: HONED Architecture + Design

Photography: Anjie Blair (anjieblair.com)