4 The Kingsway is an Alterations and Additions project. It is located within an existing historical building set amongst large ‘brand named’ corporations. There was an operating business on Level 1, being a barber shop and a small 1 bedroom residence situated on Level 2. The client wished to maintain all of the existing historical architectural features and the new Alterations and Additions were to be concealed.

This project was challenging through negotiations with neighbouring stakeholders, local authorities and local council divisions.

The concept design proposed for an unused proportion of ‘unclaimed space’ on Level 2 to be ‘reclaimed’, this in turned created an ‘infill project’. A new open play kitchen, dining and living space was created, new laundry facilities and an additional bedroom. All facilities on Level 2 was upgraded.

The level 1 business operations were untouched and continued to operate through the build above.

The outcome is a beautiful space lined with materiality, textures and proportions.

A fantastic project supporting the revitalisation of inner city dwellings within the Launceston CBD.


Address: 4 The Kingsway, Launceston

Architect: HONED Architecture + Design

Builder: Owner Builder

Interiors Styled By: Alex Toscan

Photography: Anjie Blair (anjieblair.com)