It’s interesting how the same set of architectural problems can be solved in so many ways. For this alterations and additions project in Newstead, Tasmania the clients wished to transform an old Victorian house into a new contemporary residence for the next stage of their lives, with spaces and zones coordinated rather than clashing. They wanted to connect the indoor and outdoor living areas, the rear of the residence to the spacious children’s play areas beyond.

A fundamental decision was made to reinstate the integrity of the existing residence, renovating the front rooms and to add a contemporary Dining, kitchen, living and laundry facilities. This was to respect the existing building fabric and be extended throughout the new parts of the residence, but not to replicate its Victoria aesthetic but in the way that the old and new structures work together as one.

The outcome was a sophisticated yet subtle addition with its floor to ceiling glass and very low profile roofline. This new addition is mostly transparent and when viewed externally the clear legible line of new and old is derived through elements linked through subtle uses of colour, such as dark paint and recycled brick features.

The interior spaces flow contemporary trimmings such as polished concrete floors and rich timber accents. The buildings transition is highlighted through the desire to maintain the original rear wall of the residence within the interior space. Feature recycled brick columns line and frame the interior space bringing a sense of connection and history to the home.

This alterations and additions project fundamentally reinstates the integrity of the residence whilst adding another dimension to the traditional urban sprawl it sits within. This project is a beautiful outcome of problem solving and respecting the history of the residence in producing a contemporary home for a new generation.

Architect: HONED Architecture + Design
Builder: Robin Woods
Interiors Styled by: Chantal Woods
Photography: Anjie Blair (